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Can I introduce myself? My name is Jannis Gerzen and I want to inspire you and put you to build better, more beautiful and more modern houses in Minecraft. Maybe you know the problem that you want to build a house in Minecraft but its outcome is not what you expected and it just looks like a box. Those days are over! Because meanwhile you can find over 200 house tutorials on my youtube chanel.


I am building: modern houses, villas and suites, but now and then there are also other types of houses.


Just look around. I hope you like my website and I also hope that you will be a part of #Jannisarmy soon. :D

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This is me

My name is Jannis Gerzen and I´ve been passionate about doing Minecraft videos for years now.

I am happy that I can inspire people with my houses!


Next to my Minecraft Youtube channel I love doing photography and vidography.


Why should you use my Minecraft Houses?

Are you looking for a unique and modern twist on your Minecraft experience?

Look no further than my collection of minecraft houses!

My houses are designed with a contemporary aesthetic in mind, featuring sleek lines and a minimalist design. Not only do they add a touch of sophistication to your game, but they are also functional and practical.