Instruction for Downloads

Here you will find out how you can download the houses on my website and how

you can insert them in Minecraft.

Step 1:


Go onto the download page and push the download button under the

worldyou want to have. The download will start automatically and you will

get a .zip file in your download-files.


Step 2:

Open the file

Now you need to open the .zip file with WinRar. 

WinRar is a free programme which you can download here:

After you have intallated WinRar you need to open the .zip file with it.


Step 3:

Open Minecraft folder

Now you need to open the folder where the world with the house will be put in.

For thisyou need to press Win+R (Win is the button between Strg and Alt) on your

keyboard. Now there should open a window called Export. There you need to

write %appdata% into the line and then press the OK-button.

Now you are in the Roaming folder and here you search for the .minecraft folder.

After you opened it you need to search and open the saves folder, 



Step 4:

Insert the world

Now you need to copy the folder you opened with WinRar out of the .zip

file and paste it into the saves folder. If you have done this, you are

finished and you can close everything. :)


Step 5:


Now you can open your Minecraft, choose the

world and play. - Have fun. :D